Etapa 5

Ingeteam Parke Zamudio – Mallabia

This is a complicated stage from the outset. There are no category 1 climbs but the terrain has continual ups and downs, and weather conditions can make this a very tough stage. Team tactics will play a decisive role, with an explosive final stretch featuring a 16% incline in the last kilometre, so the leaders of the general classification cannot relax for a second.

zamudio mallabia

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Ingeteam Parke Zamudio

Zamudio, in the heart of Biscay, in Txorierri Valley.

The limits of this municipality composed of farmhouses, city centre and companies are the following: Derio, Gamiz and Fika to the north; Lezama to the east; Galdakao, Etxebarri and Bilbo to the south, and Sondika and Loiu to the west. Aranoltza, Daño, Galbarriatu, Geldo, Lekunbiz, Sandoni, Santimami and Oxinaga are their neighbourhoods.