Amorebieta-Etxano stage 5 finish presentation

  • Amorebieta-Etxano in the Itzulia for a second consecutive year. 

The details of the fifth stage of the Itzulia 2024 were today presented in Amorebieta-Etxano. The event took place in the Amorebieta-Etxano town hall attended by Ainhoa Salterain, the mayoress of Amorebieta-Etxano, and Julian Eraso, president of OCETA. Who shared their views on what this finish could mean for the Biscayan town and the Itzulia.  

During the presentation, Ainhoa Salterain, the mayoress of Amorebieta-Etxano, expressed her pride in Amorebieta-Etxano once again hosting a stage of our Itzulia: “hosting the fifth stage of the Itzulia on 5 April demonstrates our commitment to cycling, a passion that is deeply rooted in our town. In this stage, the cyclists will cover 175.9 kilometres from Vitoria-Gasteiz to Amorebieta-Etxano, a unique opportunity for us to view and enjoy elite world-class cycling up close and the caravan that makes the entire spectacle possible. This is why I would like to invite the public to take to the streets and roads of Zornotzar on race day and contribute to this great spectacle. We’ll be counting on you! Before ending, I would like to thank the organisers of the Itzulia for their commitment and work in putting Amorebieta-Etxano on the Itzulia map again this year”. 

After the signing, Julián Eraso commented “We are very happy that Amorebieta-Etxano wishes to be part of the Itzulia. It is a town with a strong historical link to cycling with the Amorebieta Classic and makes a repeat appearance in the Itzulia, showcasing and sharing the passion for cycling with its people”.  

The race is set to arrive in Amorebieta on 5 April. The start promises to be the only “quiet” part of the day until the route descends to the first of 4 passes through Amorebieta. From there, the race climbs Urkiola, a Category 1 climb, and enters a circuit involving two climbs up Muniketa and another non-scoring steep slope. It will then cross the finish line checkpoint in reverse and through Amorebieta twice before reaching the finish 

Traffic restrictions 

As a result of stage 5 of the Itzulia 2024 on 5 April, the Amorebieta-Etxano Town Council has provided information on traffic restrictions. A parking ban will be implemented on Calle Nafarroa (from the San 

Juan roundabout to the Nafarroa car park, including the car park) and Bizkargi, Belatxikieta, Jauregibarria and Azoka streets.  The parking ban will remain in force from 4 pm on 4 April until 7 pm on 5 April. A traffic ban will also be implemented for all of the above streets between 16:30 and 18:30 on 5 April. The council apologises for any inconvenience that this may cause and thanks the public in advance for their understanding and cooperation in ensuring the smooth running of this sporting event. 

Carlos Rodriguez wins the sixth stage and Juan Ayuso wins the Itzulia 2024
Romain Grégoire sprints to take the fifth stage of the Itzulia in Amorebieta-Etxano 
Louis Meintjes wins the fourth stage of the Itzulia in Legutio