Etapa 5

Ekin-Amorebieta-Etxano – Amorebieta-Etxano

A complicated stage and a good opportunity for managers to position their riders and where despite there being no significant mountain passes up to Paresi, the race will traverse ideal terrain for testing finishing strategies, entering a circuit in which being at the front could be key to the general classification.

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The current municipality of Amorebieta-Etxano is the final result of the evolution of the Merindad de Zornotza which included, during the foral period of the Señorío de Bizkaia, the Anteiglesias of Etxano, Amorebieta, Ibarruri and Gorozika, as well as the town of Larrabetzu. The first two were merged in the municipality of Amorebieta-Etxano and the other two became part of the Ugarte de Múgica City Council.