Finish line unveiled for the 3rd stage of Itzulia between Errenteria and Amasa-Villabona

Beatriz Unzue, mayoress of Amasa-Villabona, and Julián Eraso, president of OCETA presented the third stage, set to start in Amasa Villabona, Gipuzkoa.

Today saw the signing of the collaboration agreement when the details of the finish were presented. The event took place in the town hall of Amasa-Villabona. Beatriz Unzue, mayoress of Amasa-Villabona, and Julián Eraso, president of OCETA, were present at the signing ceremony and shared their views on what the finish line could mean for the village and for Itzulia.

Beatriz Unzue, mayoress of Amasa-Villabona comments that “as is well known, as in all of Euskal Herria, cycling has many followers in our town. In addition to Amasa-Villabona, and the Aiztondo valley in general, historically it has had an important and fruitful cycling youth team. We want to highlight the great work carried out over the years by the Irrintzi de Villabona society promoting our cycling youth team which has also offered many generations the chance to enjoy cycling. In recent years the team Cyclist Danena has taken over and works with young cyclists in our town, so we also want to applaud the work that this team is doing.”

And he adds, “21 years have passed since professional cycling at the highest level had a goal in our town, so we believe that this is a good time for Amasa-Villabona to welcome the peloton made up of the best riders in the world “.

For his part, Julián Eraso praised the fact that villages such as Amasa-Villabona are committed to promoting their locality in this way. “Amasa-Villabona has a great cycling tradition and had not figured in the Itzulia for years. We are happy to receive calls of interest to be a part of the race from localities such as this, to bring top-level cycling closer to its people”.

After the longest stage of Itzulia, the peloton will ride a stage from Errenteria to Amasa-Villabona. This third stage will be very nervous, especially the final circuit with its narrow roads and hard ramps. The arrival at Txakolindegi de Hika will be very tough and provide a great show.

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