This year follow the Itzulia from the official RaceCenter

The 2022 edition of the Itzulia Basque Country has a new tool for following the race live.

Itzulia’s organisers will be reporting everything that happens in the race live on its official website via the Live Tracker platform developed by Basque firm The platform will display the most relevant race data with live GPS tracking of the most important groups of runners, maps, race profiles, comments, photos, and the automatic calculation of virtual intermediate rankings and, once the race is over, provisional final rankings.

Julian Eraso on the new platform: “This development constitutes a new and better way for us to let the fans know how the race is going. It’s very easy to see, understand and follow each stage,” adding, “It also helps us to manage the safety of the race by knowing where each group is and the overall size of the race bubble”.

With this immersive fan experience, Itzulia 2022 provides advanced and engaging coverage of the race via Live Tracker, a platform and service entirely focused on the organisation and monitoring of cycling races. 

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