Etapa 2

Leitza – Viana

This is the longest stage in the race, and the terrain makes for a tough start. There may well be a breakaway, but it is unlikely to make it to the finish line, given that the differences from the previous day will be mere seconds. It is possible that there may be some wind in the last few kilometres. This is a stage suited to sprinters if a team wishes to control it.

leitza viana

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leitza 2022Even though Leitza is a  small town, it has given great athletes in different sport disciplines. In general, there is a great fondness for sport and, of course, also for cycling. Therefore, being part of the Itzulia, a sporting event of global impact, is very important for us and we know that in one way or another, a great majority of people in our town will be involved in this celebration.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that the pandemic has had a great impact on the social, cultural and economic activity of our municipality and we believe that an event of these characteristics will have a positive influence on the mood of the population, contributing somehow to the reactivation of our local activity.

Leitza is a lively, rich, Basque, diverse, environmentally-friendly, full of history, welcoming and much more town. We would like to believe that those who come to our town in April will sense all that. We are fortunate to have a gorgeous landscape, and it will be a pleasure for us to have the opportunity to show it worldwide.

Leitza is a very participatory town and, in this sense, in recent years from the City Counsil we have used a motto that summarizes this attitude: “We all make Leitza”. We want the start ceremony of the second stage of the race, on April 5th, along with the rest of the events that we will organize for the Itzulia, to be a reflection of that motto, “made among all and for everyone”.

 Welcome to Leitza!