Etapa 3

Laudio – Amurrio

Stage 3

Laudio – Amurrio

Laudio Amurrio
This is a tough stage. It comprises two distinct parts: the first, as far as Laudio, is fairly simple. From there the second part comprises two laps of a real leg-breaker of a circuit on narrow roads, where there will be a great deal of tension in the peloton for position at the head.

Laudio amurrio

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laudio itzulia 2022In the previous edition of the Tour of the Basque Country, we discovered a new mountain pass, named Ermualde, which finished at the Shrine of Santa María del Yermo. This shrine is an extraordinary but mysterious monumental site. This is due to its location, perched on a mountain and built-in search of solitude and isolation. It is not surprising, therefore, that it is the setting for various popular legends involving witches, spirits, and Templars. Everything appears magical in such extraordinary natural surroundings dotted with various sites of archaeological interest, such as a late Gothic church with its free-standing bell tower, two nearby hermitages, snowfields, lime deposits, and other eye-catching features.