Banco Sabadell sponsorship renewal

Banco Sabadell set to continue as the Itzulia Basque Country’s Grand Prix for another year.

Banco Sabadell will continue to support the Itzulia Basque Country and cycling. Now confirmed by the agreement signed by Ignacio Navarro, Territorial Director of Sabadell and Julian Eraso, President of OCETA.

Banco Sabadell has supported cycling in the Basque Country since 2012 via its major stage race: the Itzulia. Its commitment is firm and resolute. The Itzulia could not take place were it not for the support of its sponsors, such as Banco Sabadell. The new agreement between the bank and the Itzulia Basque Country covers this year, thereby maintaining the “Gran Premio Banco Sabadell”.

After the signing Julián Eraso added that: “we are grateful that the private sector is investing in the Itzulia. Banco Sabadell arrived at a very delicate time for the race and is today an essential element. We hope this relationship and support for cycling will continue and grow in future. This is great news, not only for the Itzulia but also for cycling”.

Ignacio Navarro, Northern Territorial Director at Banco Sabadell, emphasised the Itzulia’s importance for Banco Sabadell, “we got involved to ensure that this magnificent sporting event could continue, and in addition to providing us with significant visibility in the Basque Country, it has enabled us to become closer and bring our customer closer to the beautiful sport of cycling”.

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