2nd stage between Leitza and Viana presented

Mikel Zabaleta, Mayor of Leitza, and Julián Eraso, president of OCETA present the second stage, set to start in Leitza, Navarre.

The collaboration agreement was officially signed today in Leitza when the details of the start were presented. Mikel Zabaleta, Mayor of Leitza, and Julián Eraso, president of OCETA, were present at the signing and shared their opinions on what this start could mean for Leitza and the Itzulia.

“Leitza is a small Basque village located in Navarre and has produced great athletes in different disciplines. The village has a great love of sport and, of course, of cycling. Therefore being part of the Itzulia – a sporting event with global reach – is very important for us, and we are certain that much of the village will be involved, one way or another”, remarked Mikel Zabaleta, adding that, “on the other hand, the pandemic greatly affected social, cultural and economic activity in our municipality, and we believe that an event of this magnitude will also raise people’s spirits, and stimulate local activity”.

For his part, Julián Eraso praised Leitza for its commitment to promoting their territory in this manner. “We are happy that villages such as Leitza contact us to express interest in taking part in the Itzulia, to show off their villages, culture and people to the world through cycling”.

Following the time trial on day one, the peloton will set off on the roads of the Basque Country from Leitza. The small village, located in the valley of Leitzaran will host the second start of the 2022 edition, during which the riders will cover the longest stage of the Itzulia at 207.92 km, linking Leitza and Viana.

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