Etapa 3

Errenteria – Amasa-Villabona

A stage with a predictably very fast start covering a large part of the Gipuzkoa coast, starting at Amasa-Villabona with a particularly leg-breaking circuit on narrow roads with ups and downs creating lots of tension in the peloton as the leaders position themselves at the head of the stage. The last kilometre will be particularly explosive and hard until the riders reach Hika.

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Although prehistoric archaeological remains have been found, the population of the Oiarso Valley requested and was granted the town charter in 1320, with which they created the town of Villanueva de Oiarso in what was previously called Orereta. In 1491 Villanueva de Oiarso was officially renamed Rentería. The new name is related to the payment of royal taxes and municipal taxes derived from maritime trade, since Errenteria was the place where rents were paid. What was until then a city-port and commercial city suffered a decline in the Modern Period, which led to a slight decline in the commercial and port activity of the municipality. At that same time the first industrial settlements and the strengthening of the hamlet took place.